Since its establishment, Maor has been investing responsibly, committing to exclude non-
ethical, borderline or offensive businesses from its investment scope.
In 2022, we have decided to go one step further and align our formal commitments with our
investment philosophy, by becoming an SFDR Article 8 Fund. We strongly believe that investing
in startups that positively impact social and environmental issues, as well as demonstrate solid
governance, will drive value creation in the long term for our investors.


Promoting responsible investment across the industry is
one of our roles. Maor is a proud signatory of the UN
PRI: By complying with these principles, we commit to
align our actions with the best practices of the industry.

PRI Website

Power in Diversity

Maor proudly takes part and supports the Power in Diversity initiative, alongside 60 Israeli VC firms and 170 Israeli start-ups, coming together to foster diversity and inclusion in the venture capital and high-tech industries, and to develop near and long-term solutions to create a positive change in the Israeli ecosystem.

PID Website


Maor supports Tmura, the Israeli Public Service Venture Fund founded in 2002 with the aim to increase the involvement of the high-tech community in non-profit activity in Israel. Tmura’s mission is to support educational initiatives and youth opportunities in Israel, by sharing the wealth created by the country’s technology sector.

Tmura Website