Maor’s Story

In 2017, Maor’s founders identified the opportunity to set up a co-investment fund that would invest in revenue-generating tech companies, as well as connect European investors and corporates to Israeli innovation. With Rothschild & Co. as a cornerstone investor, and a track record of successful investments in outstanding companies, Maor has become a leading growth investor in the Israeli tech ecosystem.

Investment Scope

Maor invests in revenue-generating companies as a co-investor or a co-lead, joining top-tier lead investors by contributing tickets of $6m to $10m. We are agnostic to “series letters”, but would typically invest in companies which generate at least a few million in annualized revenues. We look for companies which grow fast (very fast!), and already have a diverse base of customers. We are sector-agnostic- from traditional enterprise software to new emerging tech verticals- we just love great businesses that make sense. Still, we do not invest in areas which tend to be binary, such as pharma, or when we do not know how to assess the likelihood of success, such as in gaming (but we do like GamingTech though!).

Extensive Sourcing

We offer our investors and network members an insightful view on the Israeli ecosystem, ranging from startups, large corporates, and government bodies to the leading local VCs, accelerators, and angels. We make it possible thanks to our boots on the ground and wide acquaintance with the Israeli ecosystem, combined with our longstanding familiarity with the European business culture.

Gateway to Europe

Most Israeli startups feel very comfortable transacting in the US. Yet, due to different languages, cultures, and regulations, doing business in Europe can be a bit more complicated- and this is where Maor tries to help. We believe that there is a massive untapped opportunity for Israeli startups in the European market, as well as a strong potential for European corporates to get better and innovate more through adoption of Israeli tech. We offer startups our strong network in Europe, based on 30 years of experience which established deep relationships at the highest levels of European corporates across all industries. We like to see ourselves as “your free bizdev resource in Europe”, and will try to help you get in touch with strategic customers, partners, investors or whatever you would like. Since our inception, Maor has made introductions to European blue chips for various startups, both within or outside of our portfolio, including for example:

Swift and Friendly, but Thorough, Investment Process

Our due diligence is quick and focused, as we leverage our in-house tech and strong infrastructure to make it both thorough and efficient. We like to start early, ideally even before the potential leads, so we can demonstrate our capabilities upfront. We are not hungry for governance and will not harass you with irrelevant “check-the-box” type of questions, making sure that you stay focused on what’s important the most- growing your business.

Your Trusted Financial Advisor

Our vast knowledge across capital markets, corporate finance and different technological fields allows us to serve as the trusted adviser of our portfolio companies. We help by providing relevant industry KPIs, advice on financial reporting, guidance towards follow-on rounds and exit strategies, and assistance around potential M&A opportunities. We are always here for you and will always follow our moto- “Disturb you as least as we can and help you as much as we can”!

There’s always action here

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